Monday, August 24, 2009

Are we about to enter MUCH more interesting times?

Dear Readers,

Regarding the links below, I am uncharacteristically speechless, except to say: “Oh My God!”

If ANY of this is true, we’re clearly and rapidly heading for much more interesting times! Frankly, I cannot imagine that, even in our sabotaged moral condition, the American people will stand for this! Could this soon become our era’s quintessential showdown between the ruling elite and the People? Is such a thing even possible, given America’s culturally fractured demographics? (also sabotaged) Part of me hopes it is still possible to effect cataclysmic political change without violence. Another part prays that none of this is true.

The current vaccination issue is very interesting. It forces us to face many of the most critical moral issues of all time.

Dear fellow Americans, I humbly suggest that we cannot afford to "blank-out" on what is happening in the world today. We are each obliged to be as informed as possible and to look for any and all ways, however small, to bring about the timely demise of our current political regime — hopefully in an orderly way. Then let’s work to install a government that, among other things, will allow national referendums on ANY, repeat A N Y issue so huge that it can affect 1/5th or more of the national economy and condemn an unknowable number of innocent generations to debt slavery! (Debts they will not morally owe, by the way. Just imagine the strife!)

Finally, in a morally legitimate government, it would not be possible for politicians to impose anything on the people AND exclude themselves from it, as they have done many times and are now now attempting to do with healthcare "reform"!

Please check out the links below, especially the first one. For the record, my personal jury is still out on the credibility of this information. However, if it’s true, distribution cannot wait for exhaustive verification.

This might blow your mind!

I don’t know how much time is left. I suspect it’s MUCH later than most of us want to believe.

Thanks for reading.