Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Poll ...

Do you agree with any part of this statement? …

“President Obama held a YouTube/Google+ town hall yesterday and was shocked to find out that a woman's husband was unemployed even though he was an engineer. Considering that we are currently in the worst "recovery" of the post-war era why is Obama surprised? His policies have led to an America that treads water while China inches closer every day.”

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome to YOUR future: "Soft Law" as defined by "Agenda 21"!

For the record, I’m not a member, nor do I particularly care to promote membership in the organization that produced the video report you can see at link below.

Even if you don’t like the organization, that’s fine, because the facts reported in the video are either true or they are not true regardless of who says them!

Fortunately, independent verification is possible from a site that FAVORS the ideas defined in "Agenda 21"!     To see what they are up to, go here, but ...

FIRST, I urge you to summon the courage I believe you have and ...
 ... consider the message in this video,
that was ...
produced by first hand witnesses!

IMHO, the true gravity of “Agenda 21” is hinted in this statement:

Real or alleged Wall Street malfeasance is an
insignificant symptom of a much larger problem!

Your comments on the subject of the video are most welcome.  Please post them here so we can help as many as possible choose how best to cope with these world changing forces.

Kind Regards.