Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"They watch us. No one watches them!" What a warm, fuzzy, "secure" feeling!

Dear Friends,

I would almost give up my first born for input from anyone who can show that I have exaggerated anything in this preface to the message below. If the facts reported in the letter are true, then, I humbly ask you: “Is my conclusion accurate?”

Even if you “own” and live in a modest little suburban home
on a ¼ acre lot,

this can happen to you!

Even if you exclude the staggering economic carnage inflicted by the IRS over the last the last 99 years, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cases like the ones described below – crimes committed against harmless individuals by overpaid agents (thugs) from other bureaucratic fiefdoms.

We only discover these Gestapo tactics via foreign media or secondary and tertiary domestic news sources because, since the Waco and Ruby Ridge debacles, these kinds of enforcement actions are (by tacit or overt agreement) deliberately ignored by Leftmedia*. Too many of us overlook the fact that the federal police leviathan also learned from those crimes. They learned dramatically different lessons from those we learned. Sadly, the Leftmedia in America still commands the largest audience, by far – mostly mindless thralls who, inexplicably, are still allowed to vote!

The letter below describes further evidence of two of the grimmest features of what America has become: 
  1. De facto reality: The U.S. Federal Government literally owns everything, including your life, in the form of a claim on your productivity, from birth! Did you know that on the day you were born, you were already in debt to nameless, faceless, unaccountable thousands? YOU are just “a battery in the Matrix” that serves today’s version of a 15th Century “Aristocracy of Arrogance”. The effect is that there is no such thing as “free and clear Title” to property of any kind. Get out your mortgage that is marked “PAID”, and use it for toilet paper, because that is about how much it is worth.
  2. Coercive U.S Law need not be justified by objectively demonstrable necessity. It is little more than a means by which a few get to rule over everyone else, regardless of their ability or qualifications for ruling anyone – even their own lives. This means that U.S. Law has become a sham and is unworthy of respect by any decent person.
In short, dear people, we no longer live in a nascent police state.
We live in a fully formed police state.

It’s up to the remaining decent people in America, to clean up this toxic mess!   Doing so, may require large-scale social upheaval, possibly violence – God forbid!
I wonder if the sum total of courage in the American public is sufficient to do the cleanup.


Marcus Porcius Cato

To: Sen. Jim WebbSen. Mark Warner, Rep. J. Randy Forbes, President Barack Obama

June 7, 2011


John Posgai of Morrisville, PA., was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $202,000 after purchasing a property that was an illegal dump site.

Posgai bought the land and began to clean it up by removing 7,000 discarded tires and rusted car parts that were ILLEGALLY dumped on the property before he owned it. Shocking as it may seem, the dank water accumulating inside the junk tire-according to the EPA-made the property a wetlands. HE WAS SENTENCED TO THREE YEARS IN PRISON AND FINED $202,000 (bankrupting his family, and destroying their reputation in the community) for REMOVING LITTER, TRASH AND GARBAGE from land he bought specifically to save it from land-trashers. The EPA was able to use Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, to make a hefty profit off of this unsuspecting American, because, as the Washington Examiner reports, EPA officials and the Army Corps of Engineers claimed that the water runoff from the ILLEGALLY DISCARDED TIRES would occasionally flood part of the property because of an artificial dam created by the old tires, which Posgai had now removed. Without these tires, the property was only a wetland in the imagination of EPA and Army Corps bureaucrats. That, however, proved enough.

His crime? Posgai was sentenced for placing topsoil and clean fill on his own property without permission of the Federal authorities from the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Sparing no expense to nab this "criminal," the EPA staked out the property with secret surveillance cameras and took several aerial photographs to capture the "crime" on film, reports The Freeman.

Think this could never happen to you?

Meet the Sackett family, who bought a half-acre lot in a residential area near Priest Lake, Idaho, to build their family's modest dream home, only to have the EPA swoop in threatening them with fines of more than $25,000 a day for allegedly violating the Clean Water Act.

Our "beloved" “indispensible” [unstoppable juggernaut] EPA sent a "compliance order" that required them [the Sacketts] to undo the excavation [preparing the land for the builder to set the foundation] and restore the "wetlands," and then leave it for three years at which point they could seek a "permit" [to build their home] that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the most overturned court in the land, said that before a court could issue a ruling on the EPA's order, the family would have to go through a years-long, $200,000-plus process of formally applying for a federal wetlands permit. [This just means that the EPA has no intention of approving any “wetlands permit”, unless they are told by their betters to give one for a political pet.]

According to the Petition, ignoring the compliance order is not an option, for several reasons. First, the CWA imposes significant civil penalties for violating compliance orders. Just one month of noncompliance puts the landowner at risk of civil liability of $750,000. A year's worth of noncompliance would put their liability at $9,000,000!

Chesapeake , VA

-- Author withheld out of fear for personal safety

* “Leftmedia” = ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, ACLU, MoveOn.ORG, John Stewart, George Soros, a host of other looters, and to only a slightly lesser degree, FOX News.