Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Obama’s dictatorial ambitions revealed as it unleashes HHS thugs!

Even if the Church decides to stop accepting federal funds (which should not have been offered in the first place, or accepted for that matter), The Obama’s dictatorial ambitions probably won’t be quashed. After all, ambitions to dictatorship reveal a pathological illness. Such mental flaws are rarely reversed in such a morally dysfunctional creature.

More than a few loud-mouthed Leftmedia “Progressives” are alarmed by Obama’s contempt for the Catholic Church. They get a creepy feeling that what it has done to the Catholic hospitals (a huge public asset) can just as easily be applied to them.  History proves they are correct.

We were warned that detail devils in The Obama's health care "reform law" (which is objectively lawless) would be evident once HHS started handing down the accompanying regulations. The new rules forbidding all employers – including Catholic hospitals and schools – from denying insurance benefits for contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization are both shocking and oppressive.

In spearheading this effort to force employers to violate their religious conscience, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (Satan’s latest minion) has leaped ahead of Van Jones as leading contender for a "most-radical-present-or-former-Obama-Administration official" contest. The White House Occupier thinks it can minimize any political fall-out among US Catholics – after all, a solid majority use contraception and foolishly voted for it in 2008.   But they are still Catholics, even if they disagree with some Church policies.

Big mistake – because even cafeteria Catholics are uncomfortable with a President that seems to side with the group building a mosque near Ground Zero but glibly tramples the religious liberty of their church. When media gangs as viciously "Progressive" as USA Today and Morning Joe are speaking out against this brazen HHS move  (which reveals insolent contempt for the Constitution) , you know it's only a matter of time before we read about an Obama about-face on the issue (or so we hope). Even if it changes its dictate to HHS on this issue, the real Obama has again been revealed. No way to un-ring that bell.

Decent people can only pray that this action by The Obama forewarns the shameful demise of the Obama debacle.

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